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Community members and local businesses making it on the Mississippi River.

The Quad Cities has a rich tradition of being authentically unique. We are entrepreneurs and volunteers, innovators and collaborators. We believe in getting things done, and we take pride in the fact that we are Quad Citizens.

Over 400,000 people call the Quad Cities home. The Quad Cities is a bi-state region in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Bettendorf and Davenport (IA) and East Moline, Moline and Rock Island (IL) make up the central core, and nearly 50 neighboring communities add to the vibrancy of the Quad Cities.

Home to a diverse mix of culture and entertainment, a nationally-renowned music scene, and major art museums, we have something for everyone. Explore this site to see how you can Make it Here in the Quad Cities.

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Jazmin Newton-Butt
Quad Citizen: Jazmin Newton-Butt
Long-time resident of the Quad Cities, Jazmin Newton-Butt is committed to bridging the river and building the Quad Cities region.
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Tracy White
Quad Citizen: Tracy White
She found her purpose among the people, places and personalities that make up the Quad Cities, so Tracy White laid down roots and never looked back…
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Cathy Edwards
Cathy Edwards
Becoming an entrepreneur “felt a little like jumping off a cliff,” says Cathy Edwards, who owns Edwards Creative alongside her husband, Steve. “The Quad Cities is so unique. We have everything here to attract young people and families to make a really great life. When more people see it, say it, and celebrate it, then the message will get out.”
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A night at Modern Woodmen Park
Man cooking and working at a restaurant in the Quad Cities
Get off road
people enjoying the Quad Citites
Hanging with friends
people celebrating commencement in the Quad Cities
Co-Work QC for entrepreneurs
Davenport Skate Park
group of people enjoying themselves in the Quad Cities
John Deere Pavilion in the Quad Cities
Barrel House Moline in the Quad Cities
Augustana College landing in the Quad Cities
Mississippi Valley Fair in The Quad Cities
Chalk Art Fest
People working in a chamber office in the Quad Cities
People Kickin It at Brew Haha in the Quad Cities
Isabel Bloom sculpture room in the Quad Cities
mother and her two children having fun as a family in the Quad Cities
An evening out
Rescuing mission in the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities
Rock Island Arsenal Bridge in the Quad Cities