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Global, national and local businesses flourish here. We work hard to keep the business climate friendly, and the cost of living affordable. Our quality of life is high and our growth is strong.

The Quad Cities is home to Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs disrupting their industry, and locally owned businesses that add to the flare of our community.

See for yourself the businesses making it here in the Quad Cities.  Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear it! Tell us your story.

QC Made: Edwards Creative photo
QC Made: Edwards Creative
Becoming an entrepreneur “felt a little like jumping off a cliff,” says Cathy Edwards, who owns Edwards Creative alongside her husband, Steve. “The Quad Cities is so unique. We have everything here to attract young people and families to make a really great life. When more people see it, say it, and celebrate it, then the message will get out.”
QC Made: Genius Business Solutions photo
QC Made: Genius Business Solutions
Becoming an entrepreneur, Shivaji says, has added an element of surprise to his life as his business continues to grow, and he credits much of their success to his GBSI team and special support and contribution from his wife Vidya who focuses on the finance and HR parts of the business so he can focus on sales, marketing and customer service.
QC Made: 1986 Sports Supply photo
QC Made: 1986 Sports Supply
He sees the changes the Quad Cities is undergoing, and even as he experiences success with this store, he also references his dream to bring a skate park to Rock Island so more kids can skate. “Getting support from local skateboarders and drawing inspiration from the town has been monumental,” Farley says.
QC Made: Pee Wee’s photo
QC Made: Pee Wee’s
Pee Wee’s has become a place where the phrase “I have not seen you in 20 years” is followed with an invitation for lunch and an hour of conversation between two old friends. “It’s truly something special. Pee Wee’s has become a meeting place where great food is shared between families, friends, business partners and community members.”
QC Made: Lead(h)er photo
QC Made: Lead(h)er
“I think it is really awesome that here, I can go to people of either side of the spectrum - financial, political, power - with an idea and have them all be receptive of it. That may not be too attainable in a bigger city like Chicago.”