QC Made: Genius Business Solutions

QC Made: Genius Business Solutions

Owner ,Genius Business Solutions (GBSI)

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Shivaji Patil never thought he’d be an entrepreneur, but in 2004, that all changed. That’s when he opened the doors to Genius Business Solutions (GBSI), an IT and engineering firm in Moline, after spending more than 8 years working in supply chain management and business management software.

“When I saw the need for expertise like mine within our customer base, I saw the opportunity – both for a business and for customers,” Shivaji says. His company now employs more than 50 employees both locally and nationally, plus an additional 40 contractors.

“The business has doubled in size in the past three years,” Shivaji says, explaining that his clients include a number of leading local and national Fortune 500 firms. Working with the top Fortune 500 manufacturing clients for 14 years, GBSI has developed a niche expertise in the needs of manufacturing organizations in ERP, PLM, Embedded and Manufacturing  & Design Engineering. An example of their work could be as close as your own vehicle, as one of their latest offerings is consulting on embedded software in controls, much like those that regulate speed and auto-sensors in vehicles.

Becoming an entrepreneur, Shivaji says, has added an element of surprise to his life as his business continues to grow, and he credits much of their success to his GBSI team and special support and contribution from his wife Vidya who focuses on the finance and HR parts of the business so he can focus on sales, marketing and customer service.

After living in New Jersey and St. Louis, and traveling extensively across the country and internationally, Shivaji and his family settled down in the Quad Cities.

“The Quad Cities is big enough to offer a good lifestyle and education for my family, but not so big that we have a lot of traffic. I don’t feel that I’m missing any opportunities in the Quad Cities, because I can be in Boston or Chicago when needed. I’m getting the best of both worlds, of having more time and a better lifestyle, plus with access to the big markets. I’ve worked in Boston, St. Louis and on the East Coast, and coming to the Quad Cities I’ve experienced a very business friendly environment, and a welcoming and inclusive culture,”Shivaji says.

“My philosophy is that if you do a good job delivering what your promise, the business will come,” Shivaji explains. “The most rewarding part of my job is when we get to solve real business problems that make a difference both to the business and to the individual working on the project.”

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