Quad Citizens

Make it Here. Community members making an impact on the Mississippi River

Quad Citizens are making their mark and creating positive change in their community. They’re building their businesses, pursuing passions and serving their community - Quad Citizens a creating a community where everyone is invited to Make it Here.

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Quad Citizen: Tracy White photo
Quad Citizen: Tracy White
She found her purpose among the people, places and personalities that make up the Quad Cities, so Tracy White laid down roots and never looked back.
Quad Citizen: Bill Allison photo
Quad Citizen: Bill Allison
For Bill Allison, a 6th generation Rock Island County Quad Citizen and Business Agent for the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, being a part of the Quad Cities community is the most fulfilling part of his job. “Giving back to the community through skilled trades is part of who we are,” says Allison.
Quad Citizen: Jerry Jones photo
Quad Citizen: Jerry Jones
.” Jones tells the story of how he came from Chicago to the Quad Cities in the late 1980s and after graduation, he stayed here. It's a life of service to others.
Quad Citizen: Vanessa Haberman photo
Quad Citizen: Vanessa Haberman
She has lived in many places, and chose the Quad Cities as home.
Quad Citizen: Jazmin Newton-Butt photo
Quad Citizen: Jazmin Newton-Butt
Long-time resident of the Quad Cities, Jazmin Newton-Butt is committed to bridging the river and building the Quad Cities region.
Quad Citizen: Austen Naeve photo
Quad Citizen: Austen Naeve
Even though Austen’s job sometimes involves gritty work out in the field, the way the community has shaped him gives him a sense of pride.
Quad Citizen: Juan Valtierra photo
Quad Citizen: Juan Valtierra
His faith, passion for people and talents lead him to the Quad Cities. The quality of life he experienced while living here convinced him to stay.
Quad Citizen: Shawnae Van Alsburg photo
Quad Citizen: Shawnae Van Alsburg
She loves the pace of the Quad Cities, and the active lifestyle it offers. "Everyone's friendly here and the cost of living is better here."
Quad Citizen: Amy Goldsberry photo
Quad Citizen: Amy Goldsberry
She encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and get to know new people. “There’s always something going on here. Check out the calendar and find one thing to do that makes you nervous. Once you’ve done that, the rest is easy. You can volunteer or find a Meetup – start small and you’ll be glad you did.”
Quad Citizen: Kyle Carter photo
Quad Citizen: Kyle Carter
There's so much behind the scenes that Carter is involved with, so when something happens in downtown Davenport, Kyle is probably aware of or a big part of it. He's proud of how far Downtown has come, and says that “everyone should realize how much change you can create individually.”
Quad Citizen: Joe Gomez photo
Quad Citizen: Joe Gomez
Joe, along with his cousin Esteban, opened Los Primos in 2013. Now he says he gets up every day happy that he loves what he does, cooking for customers. “I like to see people enjoying my food, enjoying what I just made for them.”
Quad Citizen: Jaawan Arrington  photo
Quad Citizen: Jaawan Arrington
Jaawan Arrington has met hundreds of people – many of them strangers – all in the pursuit to spread positivity. He’s the person behind the movement The 100 Series on social media.
Quad Citizen: Tracy Poelvoorde photo
Quad Citizen: Tracy Poelvoorde
Tracy Poelvoorde is Chancellor of Trinity School of Nursing & Health Sciences and understands the value of higher education. She is one of many who moved away from the Quad Cities to return home.
Quad Citizen: Dave Juehring photo
Quad Citizen: Dave Juehring
He grew up in Davenport, graduated from West High School, and now is head of the rehabilitation department at Palmer College of Chiropractic. But there's a lot more to Dave Juehring than that, including having been an actor and Olympian.
Quad Citizen: Jennifer Zamora photo
Quad Citizen: Jennifer Zamora
At Muscatine Community College, Jennifer Zamora found the support system and connection to service that's helping her pursue education further. 
Quad Citizen: Mara Downing  photo
Quad Citizen: Mara Downing
Downing is a tireless community volunteer, and serves on a number of community boards including the First Tee of the Quad Cities, the United Way of the Quad Cities and the John Deere Classic. “Colleges are an important economic contributor to the Quad Cities in terms of jobs they provide, but also in the intellectual capacity and capability they bring to community.”
Quad Citizen: Nico Moreno photo
Quad Citizen: Nico Moreno
Nico Moreno is a hometown kind of guy. He's now at the Rock Island Arsenal in the contracting department, “helping support the soldiers around the world.
Quad Citizen: Paul VanDuyne, D.C. photo
Quad Citizen: Paul VanDuyne, D.C.
He had options after graduation, including moving back to New Jersey. But it was the Quad Cities that helped his decision; he liked the people, and “felt like he was part of the community.” It was a good decision, obviously, since Paul is now the CEO of IMEG, a name change from KJWW after a 2015 merger.
Quad Citizen: Reggie Freeman photo
Quad Citizen: Reggie Freeman
His his “heart has always been in East Moline.” As Mayor, he's proud of the growth that is happening at the old Case IH renovation with The Bend, a multi-component development with a hotel, event center, apartments, and much more.
Quad Citizen: Tayvian Johnson photo
Quad Citizen: Tayvian Johnson
Johnson knows his life could have taken him in a different direction. He can point to countless people who have helped him along the way, and he wants to “pay it forward.” One way he pays it forward is by assisting with raising funds for Hoops for Hope, and this is the fourth year he’s been involved.
Quad Citizen: Babina Mudbhari photo
Quad Citizen: Babina Mudbhari
Coming from a different country, culture, language, she says she “didn't know what to expect” but there “was so much love, and so much good teaching.”