Quad Citizen: Babina Mudbhari

Quad Citizen: Babina Mudbhari

ER Nurse, Nepal Native, Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences Graduate

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She's been in the United States for almost 5 years. She graduated from Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences and now works at Trinity Hospital in Bettendorf. Babina Mudbhari came to the United States from Nepal, and because of special visa and a bit of luck, she has been able to become a permanent resident.

Since she had brothers who lived in Iowa City, she ended up in Iowa. She jokes about how she thought she’d “rather be in New York City," but now says, “I'm loving it here.”

Babina is high energy and it's that energy that helped her make the adjustment to the US, having to learn the language and go to college. She chose Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences. She did her pre-requisites at local community colleges and appreciated that experience. She said the assistance from professors and administrators made things like applying for FAFSA “really easy” and all you have to do is “study hard” to truly succeed.

As Mudbhari talked about her experiences at the college, she said the teachers were “amazing” and she got the opportunity to work at the hospital while taking course work. She felt like she was “getting paid to go to school”. “I worked [there] while I was in college, so my college paid me money to go to college!” She says she got “an amazing amount of experience.”

If she had a problem, “I could talk to them anytime [at Trinity]...it was more like a family.”

Coming from a different country, culture, language, she says she “didn't know what to expect” but there “was so much love, and so much good teaching.” After graduation from Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences with a bachelor's degree, she said, “it was easy to get a job.” She now works in the ER at Trinity in Bettendorf.

She also gives back by volunteering at Muscatine Community College, showing people in the English-as-a-Second-Language classes that if she can learn the language, others can too. And Babina works hard to keep improving how she speaks and enunciates. She's always looking for more opportunities to give back, whether volunteering for the Red Cross or Scouting or whatever seems worthwhile. She even talks about using Google to find volunteer opportunities.

Mudbhari does get frustrated with those who only think of nursing as a paycheck, and while the pay may be good, she says, it's more than that. “It really is about helping people.”

When asked about hobbies or what she does for fun, Babina says she starts every day watching and listening to motivational videos. And she loves to read, to help improve her English and to continually learn. She admits that she really doesn't do any specific activities for fun, but believes that life itself is where to draw enjoyment. “And life will teach you so many things,” she says.

Babina sees “so much opportunity in the United States. There is nothing that is impossible in life. If you work hard, you can get it.”

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