Quad Citizen: Dave Juehring

Quad Citizen: Dave Juehring

Chiropractor, Actor, Olympian, Palmer College Graduate

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He grew up in Davenport, graduated from West High School, and now is head of the rehabilitation department at Palmer College of Chiropractic. But there's a lot more to Dave Juehring, D.C. than that, including having been an actor and Olympian.

Juehring originally graduated from Iowa State, where he had been offered a track scholarship. After working in the field of finance, he decided he wanted to go into healthcare.  He became Palmer College’s first-ever rehabilitation resident in Chiropractic, and now, as the head of that department, it's all about strengthening and conditioning.

Athletically, Juehring was a bobsledder for the U.S. in the Olympics in the early 1990s, before coaching the bobsledders in '94, '98 and 2002 and was in charge of the team in '98 and '02. Before 2002, Dave tells the story about how he and 12 of his peers were gathered together and told that “their job was to bring medals to the U.S.”  He was also a skeleton skier in the Olympics as well.

When you ask why Dave is back in the Quad Cities, the answer is “family.” and he he Quad Cities is a wonderful place for me to grow up, and for my kids, too.”

“You walk down the street and you can say hello to others,” he added. “It's a nice community; there's an approachability here.” Having lived away from the Quad Cities, Dave says he really appreciates the festivals, the road races, and the CornBelt Running Club, one of the oldest running clubs in the United States.

Juehring says there are so many things to  enjoy here, like “phenomenal restaurants, without the wait of larger cities,” and that there are plenty of things to watch and do. “It's like a big city with a small-town feel.”“It's neat to see the people I grew up with and see their kids becoming regional leaders here.”

He thinks the Quad Cities is hard to beat for the schools and colleges. “Palmer is always out there with healthcare at all kind of events,” and Dave cites other efforts like Palmer's Food Drives for local food pantries. He also talks of local students raising money and helping to construct local playgrounds.“Great schools are all around us here,” he says.

Dave may be an accomplished athlete and professional, but he's also very proud of being an actor and talks about his film credits, which can be found on IMDB. He says he noticed that the best professional speakers (an area of interest for him) seemed more animated, and so he took some acting lessons. And the rest is just another part of this former Olympian’s life in the Quad Cities.

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