Quad Citizen: Jaawan Arrington

Quad Citizen: Jaawan Arrington

The 100 Series

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Jaawan Arrington has met hundreds of people – many of them strangers – all in the pursuit to spread positivity. He’s the person behind the movement The 100 Series on social media.

It started as something fun to do back in 2014, when he noticed one of his friends participating in a “100 days of happiness” challenged on Facebook. He decided to put his own spin on the project, and began posting “100 Days of Awesome” stories on his personal Facebook page.

“I was just going to stop when it ended, but then people began asking what I was going to do next. They looked forward to seeing my posts and started asking me what I was going to post next,” says Arrington.

That prompting from friends led him to begin another project, and this time he set out to meet 100 strangers. He spent the next year profiling 100 people he’d never met before; he struck up conversations with people wherever he was in the community, taking a picture and a few moments to learn a little bit about them.

“I had to step far out of my comfort zone for this project, but I still keep in contact of some of the people I met. Some of them have even turned into friends. By the end of it my friends began encouraging me to turn this into a brand. I decided on the name The 100 Series, because it symbolizes the drive to give 100% of yourself every day at whatever it is you’re doing – at home, at work, and volunteering,” Arrington explained.

“There are a lot of hidden jewels here in the Quad Cities,” Arrington says. “Just listening to all of these stories from so many people is incredible. There’s such opportunity in just talking to people, and I’d encourage everyone not to be afraid to talk to someone new. It’s hard to dislike someone when you understand what makes them tick. The more we can bridge that gap, the stronger our community will be.”

In 2015 he launched his first official project of the newly branded The 100 Series. He called it 100 Days of Awesome People and interviewed people to understand what inspires them. He has since followed it up with 100 Shades featuring Quad Citizens talking about their most meaningful object and why; The 100 Mixes Series where people compile their top 10 mixed tape playlist; and The 100 Days of Awesome People.

“What I’ve found in all of this is that every day people are doing extraordinary things. You don’t have to be a big star or public figure. You can make a huge impact right here in your community. Excellence and extraordinary is right under your nose, all you have to do is shake someone’s hand.”

Jaawan has since published a book called 100 Series Presents - Shades: Stories from the Quad Cities. He also sells apparel touting the Team 100 moniker “for people who want to spread positivity.”

“When I first started 3 years ago my focus was on finding stories and sharing positivity. As people are catching on the project has many brand ambassadors. I feel that from here the sky’s the limit. I can’t wait to truly grow this to impact people in the Quad Cities and beyond.”

Check out The 100 Series on Facebook and Instagram for more stories of Quad Citizens who are making it here in the region.

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