Quad Citizen: Kyle Carter

Quad Citizen: Kyle Carter

Pinball wizard, downtown fanatic, St. Ambrose University Graduate

Quad Citizen Profile

He's the Executive Director for the Downtown Davenport Partnership (DDP - a division of the Quad Cities Chamber) and also a co-founder and owner of Analog Arcade Bar. Carter, originally from Canton, Illinois, graduated from St. Ambrose University in 2004 with a degree in Marketing/PR. Cultural growth via the construction of River Renaissance projects like River Music Experience and the Figge Art Museum were big motivators in his decision to remain in the Quad Cities upon graduation in the early 2000’s. 

After a brief tenure with the Quad-City Times in sales, he began his career at the Chamber 13 years ago in 2005.  He started as DDP’s administrative and marketing assistant, was later promoted to its marketing director, and eventually became DDP’s Executive Director.  He’s quick to note “nearly all of the DDP team attended St. Ambrose.” Kyle is also a Board member of Enhance Iowa, Freight House Farmers Market, and Midcoast Fine Arts.

An avid music fan and big supporter of the live music scene, Kyle has attended every show he could while also serving as a producer for years of River Roots Live, and more recently, Alternating Currents, Davenport's answer to SXSW in Austin. His wife, Maureen Carter, is a musician and force of her own in the local music scene as solo performer and member of multiple bands.  She’s also the brand manager for Great River Brewery in downtown Davenport, and she and Kyle occasionally promote shows of their own hosting national acts such as Julia Nunes. Kyle met “Mo” at St. Ambrose. She graduated in 2006, and the couple now lives in Davenport.

Anyone who knows Kyle knows he 'gets' Downtown Davenport - what it was, what it is, and what its future may hold. There's much behind the scenes that Carter is involved with, so when something happens downtown, Kyle is probably aware of it, or a big part of it. He's proud of how far downtown development has come and says that “everyone should realize how much change you can create individually in this region.

“Our colleges contribute to the community in so many ways, but sometimes students don't realize the opportunities available in the Quad Cities.” Carter says. That's why Kyle goes back to campus and speaks to students about life after college, living here, and being an entrepreneur.

One of Kyle's passions is pinball and arcade games, so he blended his passion with business and became co-founder of Arcade Analog Bar in downtown Davenport in 2015. He is quick to admit that being a business partner has brought a new awareness to what small business owners go through to succeed, noting Analog has made him more effective at his position with DDP.

It's that kind of commitment to growth that he also sees as being “built into the DNA of our schools” and emphasized the major contributions “dozens of QC college interns at the Chamber have made over the years.”  Kyle noted “Young people can make an immediate and significant impact in the Quad Cities, and our local colleges are a big part of making that possible.”

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