Quad Citizen: Nico Moreno

Quad Citizen: Nico Moreno

Procurement Expert, Viva Volunteer, WIU-QC Graduate

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Nico Moreno is a hometown kind of guy. He grew up in East Moline, graduated from UTHS, and went on to get his bachelor's degree at Western Illinois University in Moline. Upon graduation, he took a position with the HON company in Muscatine, as part of their early career development program.

It was an opportunity to learn all aspects about business, Nico says, like marketing, finance and sales. Nico's real focus was in sales, where he worked in the B2B category, and “worked with dealers, trying to help grow their business, (and) help improve their sales.”

He's now at the Rock Island Arsenal in the contracting department, “helping support the soldiers around the world.” Procurement requests come in, contracts and vendors are determined, and Nico says they have to “work on the logistics of how we get it to the soldiers.”

Moreno's only been at the Arsenal for a short time, and says “it's fairly new, but...without our department, it's really tough for the soldiers to do their job and help protect us here back home.”

Nico's mother works for Western Illinois University in admissions, and he did live a couple of years in Macomb because of that, but he is glad he's here with his family and friends. Moreno thinks the Quad Cities is full of opportunity, “no matter what culture you come from.”

He says you might “see me around” the Quad Cities at concerts, or sporting events and out with great friends. He's active in volunteering for organizations including Viva Quad Cities for scholarship fundraising efforts to help students pay for school. While at HON, he was a Big Brother to a 4th grader in Muscatine and stayed with the student through 5th grade. Moreno has also served on subcommittee for the Quad Cities Chamber, helping 'new' Young Professionals to network, “and come together to make those connections so they felt welcome and at home in the Quad Cities as well.”

While at Western, Moreno was the Student Government President for two-and-a-half years, focused on providing opportunities to grow and find themselves an area where they fit in the Quad Cities, including all ages, like older non-traditional students.

Nico says the local colleges here provide immense value and “the number one importance for them is the students - providing them with a quality education...and to help better the Quad Cities, post-graduation.”

Moreno said if someone would look at the Quad Cities, and say, “Hey, that's my spot,” they would be “able to develop here, and raise a family here, and be perfectly happy.”

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