Quad Citizen: Paul VanDuyne, D.C.

Quad Citizen: Paul VanDuyne, D.C.

Electrical Engineer, Fitness Buff, Palmer College Graduate

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Paul VanDuyne, D.C., has an electrical engineering degree from Drexel Universty, his MBA from Rutgers and went to work for a company in New Jersey. He says he liked the company, but when ownership of that company changed, Paul says the culture changed and he didn't really see himself continuing to stay in that position after the culture shift. But then a letter from a friend came.

The “really good friend” wrote about Palmer College of Chiropractic and the friend related how much he enjoyed school at Davenport, Iowa. Paul visited the school on a cross-country trip and said, “he liked what he saw” too. He moved to Davenport, attended for three years and graduated from Palmer and passed his boards. 

In order to help pay for school at Palmer, Paul also took a job at a small engineering company with 15 employees. Paul was hired, and though there was some pressure to quit Palmer, he saw his chiropractic degree through to completion and then, he had to make a choice. The company was KJWW.

He had options upon graduation, including moving back to New Jersey, but he chose engineering with KJWW, because he says he “really could see where this business (KJWW) could go...that it had a lot of potential.” But it was the Quad Cities that helped his decision; he liked the people, and “felt like he was part of the community.” It was a good decision, obviously, since Paul is now the CEO of IMEG, a name change from KJWW after a 2015 merger.

Paul thought he could be involved in the Quad Cities and make a difference. Today, VanDuyne says that the Quad Cities are different from how it was in the past - less parochial and people don't just look at it as separate cities but as one entity, the Quad Cities. He references amenities and developments like the Figge Art Museum and the new I-74 , and thinks that “young people are really leading how can we make this a great place to live and to raise a family.”

When talking about QC Colleges, Paul uses Palmer as an example of how the Quad Cities brings in a diverse group of people from all over the region and the world, and says the community is better for it. Paul commented that students get involved with the Quad Cities, with jobs and volunteering and bring unique ideas here. And he thinks that's a real asset and a big contribution to the area.

While attending Palmer, he met Donna, a woman he dated all the way through Palmer College. They eventually married and have been together for over 40 years with four children and two grandchildren. Interestingly, Donna stayed at Palmer and taught there for 15 years.

For leisure time, Paul says he enjoys stand-up paddle boarding in Florida, driving fast cars on the track and admits he's a “fitness buff," having run many marathons, including the Boston Marathon seven times.  

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