Quad Citizen: Tracy White

Quad Citizen: Tracy White

Founder, Creative Affairs

Quad Citizen Profile

She found her purpose among the people, places and personalities that make up the Quad Cities, so Tracy White laid down roots and never looked back.

Her day begins at 5:00 a.m., while the rest of the world is sleeping. Because Tracy White knows that 5:00 a.m. can only mean one thing – it’s showtime at KALA.

As far back as she can remember, Tracy always dreamed about becoming a DJ. She recalls listening to KALA for years before deciding to take the plunge to live out her dream. Morning show host turned host of events and promotion, Tracy’s passion for people and pop music has paved the way to bigger, and what Tracy believes to be more important, things.

But, Tracy’s day is just getting started when she clocks out at KALA. It’s on to the next thing on her long list of things to-do. It’s time to assume the position of CEO. CEO of her own business, that is.

Tracy White started Creative Affairs as a necessity.

After getting fired from her full-time job, she was forced out of her comfort zone and decided to take her side-hustle to the next level. As an event planner and coordinator, Tracy started out planning movie screenings for the African American community, specifically urban movies. Her events sparked a larger, and more diverse, audience when she planned a screening for Spiderman.

She says she’s never scared to take on a new endeavor, because the Quad Cities community will always have her back.

What about the Quad Cities motivates you to accomplish the things you are most passionate about? 

To me, the Quad Cities is home. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere. It’s amazing to see four cities, full of very diverse people and lots of pride, come together to contribute to the greater community – a community that motivates individuals to write their own narrative.

What does the Quad Cities mean to you?

The Quad Cities has always been a very welcoming community. It’s part of the reason I stayed here to raise my four children, as a single teen mom. For my kids, the Quad Cities is a place where they can get a great education, and for me and my business, the Quad Cities is a place where I can take risks over and over and the same support system has my back time and time again.

How has the Quad Cities shaped who you are as a person?

These are my roots. Born and raised in West Davenport, I have never been made to feel different. This confidence has given me the courage to empower my fellow community members, because I know that if I can play a small part in helping to empower the people of the Quad Cities, it can make the entire community a better place.

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