Quad Citizen: Shawnae Van Alsburg

Quad Citizen: Shawnae Van Alsburg

Account Exec, Harley Rider, Black Hawk College Graduate

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Shawnae Van Alsburg is a Senior Account Executive with OnMedia Ad Sales.  She says she was the typical non-traditional student, going back to school to get her Associate's Degree from Black Hawk College in science with the intention of going on to Palmer School of Chiropractic. She applied to Palmer and was accepted.  So how did she end up with a successful career at OnMedia?

Like most people, her life has had its bends and curves. Born and raised in the Quad Cities, she moved to Colorado after high school and worked at a hospital there, but eventually came back home.  After her son was old enough for school, Shawnae decided it was time to go back to college, but says she blended school with working at TCI, then one of two competing cable TV providers in the Quad Cities, where, Shawnae says, she “started doing very well.”

After a stint working at Fun Mart Cycle Center (and yes, she says she became a dirt bike rider), she eventually returned to media sales, becoming an account executive at OnMedia where she has been for the last 11 years.

Shawnae says that when she got her Associate's Degree from Black Hawk, “it opened up a lot of doors for me.” She thinks that the colleges here make a big difference in our community. She knows they draw people to the Quad Cities and is aware of many people who came to the QC to attend school here and upon graduation, decided to stay. 

As things continue to change faster than ever in the workplace, she thinks colleges like Black Hawk are “really important” and they help both new and displaced students understand and learn about new processes, automation and ever-improving AI (Artificial Intelligence.) “Our colleges step up with new certifications in programs that help provide viable careers in the Quad Cities,” she says.

Van Alsburg says she's happy with her decision to go to college, but she's even happier she's returned to stay in the Quad Cities. Like other local grads, she thinks the Quad Cities is full of opportunities. She says she likes the pace here and there is always plenty to do. “Everyone's friendly and the cost of living is better here too.”  Shawnae says she golfs, fishes, bicycles, rides horses, takes off with her husband on his Harley and has recently added RV-ing to her list of leisure items. But she says that she and her husband haven't gone too far away with the new RV yet, as she is expecting her first granddaughter; she doesn't want to be too far away when the baby comes.

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